The Simple Budget Tracker
Home Screen
The main screen is where you'll access all the application's sub-menus.  You'll notice red icons when there's something wrong.  If your account balance is below zero, then the account icon will be red.  If anytime within the next 12 months your accounts are in the red, the forecast icon will turn red. 
Accounts Screen
You can configure up two four accounts.  The first two accounts are monitored by the App.  Typical configuration would have the first account be the main or checking acount.  The second could be your savings.  The third and forth could be your credit cards or a loan.  These could be negative amounts and using the forecast option would show you how long it takes you to pay off  your debts.
Creating income or expenses is done using the transaction screen.  Enter the description, amount, frequency and choose a color.  The colors have no other significance than to make certain expenses stick out.
Transaction Dates
First, select the 'next' date the transaction will occur.  Certain transactions will have a 'start' and 'end ' date.  Once you choose the 'next date' you can select the 'start' and 'end' date. The transaction will only be applied if the current date is between the 'start' and 'end' dates. When you create a transaction ensure that the 'next' date is between the 'start' and 'end' date. Most transactions won't typically have a 'start' and 'end' date so you can ignore them.
Transaction List
The Income and Expense list look the same.  They display the transactions in the order that they were entered and with the color you set up.  Swipe left to delete transactions.
The Forecast
This is the heart and soul of the application.  The forecast feature simulates all of your transactions over the next year.  If at any time your first two accounts fall below zero, you'll be notified here and on the main screen.  The magnifying glass allows you to filter the list with only the transactions causing you to be in the red.  Tapping on any other transaction, will filter the list with only transactions of that name. The fast forward button allows you to go to the end of the list with a single tap.
Quick Expense
In this screen, you can enter transactions that weren't expected like lunch with friends, a taxi, a flat tire or anything else.  These transactions are applied to the first account.  You can edit the transaction in the Expense screen.
You can change the color theme in the settings screen.  Additional settings may become available in the future so stay tuned.