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At SRFG Software, we believe software should be simple, straightforward and easy to use.  Most bells and whistles go unused and can inhibit efficiency.  Simplicity is key.

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Simple Workout Tracker
As the name suggests, this is a simple workout tracker.  There are no fancy workout videos or images.  This app assumes you know what you're doing in the gym.  Create the exercises you need.  Build the workouts.  Do the workouts and log what you did.  The next time you workout it will show you what you did and you decide what you need to do.  You decide to increase the weight or do one more rep.  Again, you know what you're doing in the gym! 
See the app in the Apple store here.
Simple Budget Tracker
As the name suggest, this is a simple budget tracker.  Enter your income, enter your expenses.  The app tells you if your in the black and warns you if you'll be in the red within the next 12 months.  Buy something that wasn't in your budget? Enter it into your expenses and bam! You know the effect that will have over the next year.  It's easy to plan for a vacation, buying a home, paying off debts or any other project. 
See the app in the Apple store here.
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